I'm Quetzal. I'm making this about page so I can talk more freely and not clog up my portfolio site. I've always loved animal stories that were in their perspective, but I also really like stories with a darker edge to them. I had read part of Warriors, part of Survivors, and the entire first arc of Wings of Fire when I was a kid, and I had loved them all.

Recently, as an adult, I've gotten into the Ginga/Hopeanuoli/Silver Fang series-yknow, the one about the blue-hued dogs who fight bears, each other, and...aliens in the 2nd most recent series? Yea that one. It inspired me to finally go ahead and work on this comic. A zombie apocalypse series starring animal characters is an idea I've had for around 4 years, but I've only gotten around to starting it now.

This isn't my first webcomic rodeo. I'd been working on a comic called Hollow-Hearted Life for around 4 years (it's on hiatus now), and I had finished a shorter comic called Cow's Head a couple years back (both can be found in the portfolio site linked on the index). I love comics very dearly and want to work in them professionally, though I understand that it's a hard job that's pretty thankless.

I actually decided to start working on this site because I saw Wxxtoon pulling some shady shit and went, "ah. screw those guys. seriously." I looked at Txpas as a second option but saw that they weren't very creator friendly, either. I then decided to start up this neocities site and try to learn a bit more html along the way.

I know this site isn't very pretty, but it's functional and I'm proud of it nonetheless.

I think that's all for now? I think it is. May add more later.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic!

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